All you’ve dreamed of in a musical toy

MusIQ Box brings years of enjoyment, leading children on a fun, creative adventure while building real musical skills they find exciting.

MusIQ Box combines the most advanced music hardware on the market with today’s most award-winning interactive software, ‘Children’s Music Journey,’ for a very rewarding experience.

Musical fun that lasts for years!

MusIQ Box interactive software gets every child engaged in musical fun within a few minutes, while endearing animated composer characters and games keep them coming back for more every day, for years! All children enjoy music, playing piano, improvising and composing with this process - pure fun.

The piano keyboard itself is a full-featured, satisfying instrument with valuable features and quality you won’t find in other value-priced instruments. Children’s Music Journey software is uniquely fun and effective, winning several awards for early music education, selected by the American Federation of Teachers to represent 21st century elementary music programs.

Delivers the JOY of music, plus a lot more!

Parents will be pleased to learn this process leads to unique benefits for their child, such as faster rates of learning in math, science, reading, improved listening ability, increased confidence, all while they acquire a love of learning music that will keep them developing years into the future.